Best in Portland Area Food 2017

Thank you for taking the time to fill this out! To help jog your memory, most questions list all restaurants which received votes in the last few years, and others which have received a lot of buzz. If I've missed your favorite, each has a box at the bottom which you can fill in.

You can also leave me a comment on any question, which may be used in the results (anonymously) - please add the restaurant name in your comment so I know what you are commenting about. If you don't have an opinion about every category in this survey, you can skip up to 15 questions and still be eligible for the drawing. I am awarding 3 randomly drawn participants a $25.00 gift certificate to the winner of Best Restaurant, and a $50 gift certificate for the Best New Restaurant. A new pan from . To be eligible please fill out at least 12 answers including the required five answers for "Best Restaurant in Portland".

If you do not have an opinion about a questions, please LEAVE IT BLANK. Don't put "NONE", "don't know", "?", "my house", N/A etc. ONE answer per box except for the final question. This will save us hours as we calculate, all the results by hand. If you ignore this request, I'll be knocking on your front door in a clown mask and an axe.